“Hush” is the Best Horror Thriller I’ve Seen in Years!


I have not written a review since around Halloween of last year, and that’s because frankly no movies have inspired me to write about – until now – after finishing “Hush” which premiered tonight on netflix streaming (U.S.)…

The premise is very simple: a young deaf woman lives in a secluded house deep in the woods and a masked-murderer shows up on her porch and tries to break-in to kill her.

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SAVE THE WORST FOR LAST! “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension”



Wait, was this a horror – or comedy?

So, we waited six years to see what Toby looked like – and you put together a dark cloud that looked photoshopped hovering at the top of the ceiling? And then a blurred demon face caught on video. Both images being similar to what we have seen in countless other supernatural horror films of the last decade.

When I went to see “The Last Exorcism” in 2010 a group of black female teenagers were in the theater, and as the story got rolling and Nell started acting all weird, there was a sequence where Nell went outside and started pacing around the yard – and she glances up and watches Pastor Cotton thru the kitchen window and she looked creepy as hell…

One of these female black teenagers starts SCREAMING and jumps out of her seat and heads for the exit, but her friend grabbed her wrist and held her back from leaving; the girl continues shouting in terror! I actually yelled over towards the commotion, “Hey, let her go!”. I mean the girl was going out of her mind, and I was trying to hear the movie.

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Was “The Green Inferno” Worth The Wait?


Eli Roth’s long-awaited, highly-anticipated “The Green Inferno” finally struck a distribution deal and made it’s way to theaters in the US on September 25th, 2015. Yes, the year is important considering this film was shot in the 90’s – or maybe it was 2012 or 13; something like that.  About a year ago, I nearly gave up on this and started to believe that maybe the film was nothing more than a myth, and those reviews online were part of a giant ruse Roth and his friends were pulling on the general public!

But, worries assuaged, there is no hoax and the film does indeed exist.  Seriously!  I saw it yesterday. So now the only question at-hand is:  Was it worth the wait? Did it meet expectations? Does it live up to the hype?

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“The Gift” May Be The Best Film of the Summer


I know I always feel like the Hollywood Summer Season is overhyped and underwhelming, but this one in 2015 has been especially disappointing to me. After being letdown by “Avengers 2: Age of Dulltron” in May, I followed up the month by going to see “Ex Machina”, “It Follows” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” all in which I found to be pretty good and made me much more optimistic about the upcoming Summer lineup, as there was a string of movies I was planning to go see…

So, finally June rolls around and we kick-off the Summer with:

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Indie Horror Movie “Starry Eyes” Changed My Life


Formerly being a driven, ambitious, hard-working aspiring screenwriter, I used to spend nearly every waking moment working on scripts and strategizing how to get an agent to take me on, and getting to Los Angeles, etc.; that was the goal and my plan, and I didn’t care what any doubter said who tried to potentially deter me. I was going for it all. All or nothing. My mind that never stops creating ideas for stories and unique situations was going to pay off for me. I didn’t care about fame and fortune; I only cared about doing what I loved doing, which was screenwriting and acting, and hopefully one day making it on the big-screen through one, if not both of those avenues…

I was well aware of the risks. I knew the odds were heavily stacked against me, but I also knew my concepts were better than most other screenwriters who simply wanted to bust down Hollywood’s door to merely gain self-recognition and vain success. I was different, and I had a genuine love for the integrity of storytelling. I watched a documentary “Tales From The Script” that was about the business of screenwriting in Hollywood, and a figure I will never forget is they said that 99% of the scripts companies and studios receive from aspiring screenwriters sucked. 99% is a LOT!

I knew I could make it if I just kept honing my skills; after all, I already had been given a “Recommend” grade for one of my scripts that I submitted to a coverage service, and the owner relayed to me that only about 1% of scripts ever get that coveted grade. In my mind, that was confirmation I was good enough to break in the industry and carve out a nice career doing what I loved doing.

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Low-Budget Horror “Creep” Worth A Watch

I stumbled across this yesterday on i-tunes and the image instantly caught my attention. This may be the grandest horror movie poster I’ve ever seen!


Look at that thing for a moment; so simple, yet so effective. It did what a movie poster is supposed to do, which is make me want to see the film…

So, I just rented the movie and it was pretty good. Unsettling. Tense. Unpredictable. These are my favorite kinds of movies to watch!

There were some aspects I feel could have been stronger and better executed, but that’s just the wheels in a writer’s head spinning; for an ultra low-budget thriller, they did a great job. A lot is left to the imagination, which is generally much more effective in horror and something the big Hollywood studios should learn and apply.

Mark Duplass is pretty unnerving, and displays he can do much more than your typical romantic comedy or drama. His performance is pretty much the strongest aspect of the film and carries the story; without so effectively pulling off this mysterious air, the movie would fall flat.


The entire time, the movie is setting you up for a pretty gritty conclusion. You have an idea what you think is coming, but you don’t know anything for sure. The ending wasn’t a total shock or anything, but it threw me and caught me off-guard a bit, which is always a welcome surprise for this genre.

Overall, if you like horror/thrillers then you should check it out. It’s not anything groundbreaking, but is definitely worth the rental fee – and with a short runtime of only 77 minutes, time goes pretty fast.

And the movie is worth a watch just for this image alone!


Does this look like your kind of movie? Let me know what you think if you’ve seen it. 

– GG

70 Minutes of Bad Luck if you watch “The Mirror”


I would take the tagline’s advice!

I was browsing the new releases on netflix and stumbled upon this title and read about it and for a moment became excited; a guy buys a mirror from EBAY that turns out to be haunted. “Sweet!” I thought. This could be intriguing.

So, I put it on and it starts out the same as most other found-footage horror films where the protagonist explains to the camera why he is recording a video, and collecting footage, etc. Then, after a few minutes of getting to know our three main characters, the mirror arrives. “Aw yeah, this is about to get creepy – let the action begin!”

So I thought.


If this scares you, steer clear of this movie b/c you will get freaked out!

All that happened was they hung the mirror on the wall. Then at night, one of the guys started doing some peculiar things…like sleepwalking. Yep, that’s it. Fascinating. Never seen that before! How did the director come up with something like that?

I know I often complain of movies overdoing the special effects, but I started to miss them here. Can the mirror do something? Anything! Let a streak of light flash across it, or something; if this thing is alive, let us SEE that it’s alive.

Essentially, after hanging the mirror on the wall, the actors played make-believe that they were reacting to a haunted mirror.

So, if you want to make a movie like this…get your cell phone, hang a mirror on the wall and then pretend like you’re being possessed. Or if you decide you don’t want to rip-off this gem, use a clock instead of a mirror; then you can title your movie “The Clock”.


This could be the sequel!

Admittedly, I may not have a trustworthy review here because I turned it off after 35 minutes. I was bored and didn’t want to waste my time anymore. I highly doubt it got much better…

If you want to take the risk and check it out for yourself then go ahead, but I think you’d be better off making “The Clock” on your iPhone.

– GG